Criminal Law

The team’s expertise ensures the successful and effective provision of legal assistance and defense with regard to:
  • consultations on criminal law and proceedings
  • representation at all stages of criminal proceedings
  • representation with regard to international cooperation on criminal proceedings
  • representation in proceedings under the Extradition and European Arrest Warrant Act
  • defending the rights and legitimate interests of defendants with regard to imposed preliminary detention
  • support and representation of victims of an offense
  • preparation of complaints to the Police, Prosecutor’s Office and other competent authorities
  • representation in civil claims for victims’ monetary compensation for pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages
  • International Private Law and EU Law
    We assist our clients with regard to:

  • international family and inheritance law
  • enforcement proceedings of foreign awards via the Bulgarian courts
  • international criminal law
  • Administrative Law
    We assist our clients with regard to:

  • issuance of administrative acts
  • obtaining certificates, licenses and permits
  • preparation of documents for administrative proceedings
  • representation and defense before state and municipal bodies
  • representation before the Supreme Administrative Court