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Anna Popova and Partners

Anna Popova and Partners law firm, provide comprehensive services with regard to all aspects of criminal law and more specifically, we offer legal advice and defense in case of various pecuniary charges - crimes against property; crimes against natural persons; crimes against the public order and peace; rehabilitation of convicted persons, etc. We have achieved remarkable results before the ECHR as well as in proceedings before Interpol. The direction of development is proceedings before the European institutions, in the field of  International Criminal Law and protection of violated human rights and freedoms.The office also works on cases in the field of commercial and civil law, as well as in the field of intellectual property.

About the firm

Main fields:
Criminal Law; International Criminal Law; International Human Rights; Our team has a professional expertise in the area of Civil and Trade Law, including Family Law, Tort law, Property Law, Obligation Law. The law firm is specialized in immigration law and commercial law. As a result, we have become experts when it comes to foreigners doing business in Bulgaria. Within this specific niche, we offer legal advisory for temporary or permanent residency, as well as administrative and procedural support for registering commercial companies and launching investment projects.


Anna popova and partners


Criminal Law

Defense in pre-trial and trial proceedings, procedural representation of persons with quality accused and defendant. Protect the rights of victims of crime and domestic violence


Procedural representation and protection of the rights of asylum seekers, persecuted by religious, political, ethnic reason. We represent our clients in front of the European institutions for the protection of the human rights.

Administrative Law

Procedural representation in front of the Judiciary on appeal of administrative acts issued by the state authorities.

  • Female-lawyer of the year

    Nominee winner of "Female-lawyer of the year 2017" National justice awards of Bulgaria, "Temida - The price of the truth"

  • Justice without Borders

    Nominee winner of "Justice without Borders 2018" National justice awards of Bulgaria, "Temida - The price of the truth"

  • Most Elegant Female Lawyer

    Winner "Most Elegant Female Lawyer of the year 2020", National Lifestyle

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